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Welcome to our Youth Ministry Section. We will be adding more information and features as soon as we can.

At this time, we have Christmas play scripts. There are currently three plays available:
A Children’s Version of the Christmas Story written for young children.
The Christmas Story  includes the use of puppets and involves young children as well.
A Gift for Sargent Sunshine  is designed for performance by teenagers.

The plays are available at no charge.  They were a gift from God to me and I am happy to make them available to you.  We would love to receive your feedback.

If God gives you desire to support our ministry, checks could be written to Moores Hill Baptist Church and sent to 16603 South Broadway, Moores Hill, Indiana 47032.  You are in no way obligated to support us financially, but we would welcome your prayers above all.

God is good to us and we want to share his blessings.  Thanks for checking us out.   May God’s favor be upon you.
                            John Erickson