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About Us

What we believe:

That there is more life than just here on earth.

The soul lives forever.

That we are unable to ever be good enough to live forever in the presence of God, so God made a way for us to live forever with Him by sending Jesus to take the punishment for our wrongs if we believe and trust Him for our forgiveness.

That God starts that relationship with us not only after we die, but from the moment we accept His forgiveness. That means He is with us, guiding us, comforting us, loving us at all times.
That understanding what this relationship is about depends on studying His word to us, the Holy Bible.

That we can talk with Him in prayer about our stresses and concerns and He will not only listen to us but act on our requests in a way that is best for all concerned. We also take the time to thank Him for all the things he does for us.

That God listens to us even while running the universe. He deserves our worship and praise That is why we meet regularly each week.

Who are we?
We are a group of believers who have a loving relationship with the living God. We meet regularly together to deepen that relationship with Him and with each other, to study the Bible, because we believe it is His word to us, and to praise and worship Him. We also meet to share both our good times and tough times and to talk to God about it. Anyone is welcome to join us. Our Church Schedule is available on line here

Please feel free to contact:
Pastor Laura Erickson at 812-571-0186 or 812-744-3733
Worship Leader John Erickson at 812-571-0173